Food & Nutrition Group


 WHO:     The Food & Nutrition Group (FNG) is a sub group of Coos Healthier Together, a community coalition working to improve the health of Coos County residents. The FNG is focused on increasing intake of fruits & vegetables.

 WHAT:     The purpose of the food and nutrition group (FNG) is to link residents of Coos County with healthy foods, particularly fruits and vegetables, and to improve access that encourages daily intake.

 WHEN:     These goals and objectives will span 2020-2023, or until the next Community Health Assessment (CHA) is conducted.

 WHY:        Adequate intake of fruits and vegetables is associated with decreased incidence and prevalence of chronic diseases like cancer, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, obesity and depression.

 HOW:       FNG will focus on improving the food environment in ways that will increase access to healthy foods (fresh fruits and vegetables) for children and adults.

Food and Nutrition Monthly Newsletter

pea podcasts
Pea podcasts is a community education initiative of the Coos County food and nutrition group, a coalition of community partners tasked with addressing food and nutrition deficits in our county. Our focus is to engage residents using written, audio and video platforms to present nutrition information focused on increasing intake of fruits and vegetables for the Prevention of Disease (POD).



2021 Peapod Cast Projects

Food and Nutrition Group

Healthy Recipes and Diet Tips
fruits and veggies

Healthy Recipes

Colorful Corn & Bean Salad in 3 Steps (Video, 1:28 minutes)

EZ Peasy by Stephanie Polizzi (Video, 1:20 minutes)
EZ Peasy by Stephanie Polizzi.  Easy tips for adding more beans and lentils to your diet for increasing soluble fiber in soups and sauces! (Video 1:20)

Hillman Uzzaman Bean and Squash Recipe (Video, 9:52 minutes)
Gretchen Hillman and LIllie Uzzaman demonstrate how to make a tasty low cost dinner using zucchini and squash. (Video, 9:52 minutes)

Healthy Breakfast - Coos Kitchen (Video, 4:18 minutes)
Zina Jenny, Ray Clemes, and Kendall Hall, OHSU Campus for Rural Health students, discuss the importance of a health breakfast with a simple breakfast recipe that uses vegetables. 

Healthy Pizza? A Simple Substitute to Turn America's Favorite Meal from Fattening to Flattering (Article)
Alden Wyland and Stephanie MacDonald, OHSU Campus for Rural Health students, discuss our Standard American Diet and pizza.  The anatomy of pizza nutrients is the main focus along with some tips for how to make a healthier pizza!

Healthy Snack Alternatives: Fruits and Nuts vs Candy, Chips and Cookies (video, 10:18 minutes)
OHSU students, Sean Andresen, Jessica Hodgen and Dylan King, OHSU Campus for Rural Health students, talk about the basics in reading food labels to support healthy choices and reduce chronic illness.  They also discuss several healthy snack choices compared to other less healthy options and learn why the healthy choices are better alternatives.

Meal Prepping (Video, 6:16 minutes)
Zibigniew Sikora, OHSU Campus for Rural Health student, brings shares a cost-effective recipe for Pesto Chicken and Veggies.

Making the Most of Quinoa (Video, 7:19 minutes)
Stephanie Radu and Karishma Patel tell us about Quinoa and provide some delicious recipes using this amazing grain. 

No Tuna Sandwiches and Colorful Core & Bean Salad
Victoria Henrikson, Karleigh Taylor, and Vanessa Remhof provide recipes for a an easy to make no bake/cooking vegetarian lunch option that both kids and adults can put together in minutes.  The videos show how to make the recipes and the recipe card is a quick reference to use in your own kitchen.

"No Tuna" Salad Sandwiches (Video, 1:01 minutes)

Colorful Corn & Bean Salad in 3 Steps (Video, 1:28 minutes)

"No Tuna Sandwich" & Colorful Bean Salad Recipe Card

Plant Based Macaroni and Cheese (Video, 2:48 minutes)
Jessica Warrick, dietetic intern, shares an easy plant-based recipe for macaroni and cheese that you will love!


Diet Tips

Cooking Soups with Produce (Powerpoint)
Esther MacCratic, OHSU Campus for Rural Health student, shares ideas on how to eat hard foods like carrots, and some flavorful ideas to add softened veggies to meals and sauces.  Her brochure includes some great recipes.

Fortify Your Feast - Iron Rich Lentil Soup (Infographic)
Erin Glasrud and Shirin Ferdonsian, OHSU Campus for Rural Health students, give us great information about lentils as a source of iron to boost your energy, try this easy to make soup full of healthy iron sources.  

Paint Your Plate (Infographic)
Did you know that you can tell a lot about the nutrition in a fruit or veggie just by it's color? Check out this easy-to-read infographic from American College of Lifestyle Medicine, to learn more, along with some tasty recipes to help you eat the rainbow.

Snacks for the Sofa (Infographic)
Kevin Paternostrro, OHSU Campus for Rural Health student, shares great game day snacks.  Bean Dip, sliders and wings - these recipes are for you!

Try This Not That (Brochure)
Adam Roscher and Drew Groshong share several great recipes using zucchini, cauliflower, mushrooms and tofu to create healthy meal options!


African Heritage Diet

Asian Heritage Diet

Latin American Heritage Diets

Mediterranean Diet


Healthy Foods for Kids

Benefits of Vegetables for Kids (Infographic)      
Michaela Sanchez, Gina Castanares, Matthew Barrett, OHSU Campus for Rural Health students, share this wonderful resource from three OHSU Rural Campus Students.  Do you have picky eaters in your home? Vegetables can be a hard sell for some kids, but we've got two simple recipes that are kid approved!



Nutrition and Chronic Conditions

heart health


A DASH Meal Plan for A Day (Brochure)
Cecile Steinbeck and Monique Barte, OHSU Campus for Rural Health students, share a colorful brochure about the DASH diet.  This diet can help control blood pressure.  Examples of daily servings, some simple meal planning tips, and additional references for more information are provided. 

A Plant-Based Diet Can Help Prevent Heart Disease (Infographic)
Bailey Munger, dietetic intern, shares an easy-to-read infographic on how a plant-based diet can prevent heart disease. 

First Steps to Health Restoration (Infographic)
The American College of Lifestyle Medicine infographic about what you can do to improve your health - from diet, to activity to relaxation and self-care. 

Fresh and Healthy Eats - An Image based Food Guide (Brochure)
Jasmine Curry and Aaron Thomas, OHSU Campus for Rural Health students, created a colorful food guide with healthy recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

Plant-Based Diets Can Prevent & Reverse Disease (Infographic)
PBD for CVD: Plant-based diets can prevent and reverse heart disease, as outlined in this article for health professionals created by OSU dietetic intern Bailey Munger.

Plant-Based Meal Planner (Infographic)
OSU dietetic intern Jessica Warrick designed this 4-week guide to adopting a more plant-centered diet, complete with meal planner and recipes.

Shrink the Sugary Drink (Video, 5:02 minutes)
Zane Carey, Brandon Colwell, Mikayla Murphy, and Joan Richardson, OHSU Campus for Rural Health students, make it fun to reduce sugar and calories, while staying hydrated.

The Benefits of Plant-Based Nutrition Chapter Summary
While medical professional associations, government bodies, and stakeholder groups across the U.S. and Canada have their own emphasis and focus when it comes to lifestyle and dietary guidance, a common theme does emerge: Eating more unrefined, plant-based foods is an important strategy in prevention of chronic disease, management of chronic conditions, and promotion of overall health.

The Nuts and Bolts of the DASH Diet (Podcast, 8:00 minutes)
Join Nakai Carrol, Leah Snyder, Georgia Varretas, and Olivia Glatt, OHSU Campus for Rural Health students, as they discuss the DASH diet and how it supports heart health.  They give lots of great information about sodium, fats, label reading, and recipe tips!