Food & Nutrition Group


 WHO:     The Food & Nutrition Group (FNG) is a sub group of Coos Healthier Together, a community coalition working to improve the health of Coos County residents. The FNG is focused on increasing intake of fruits & vegetables.

 WHAT:     The purpose of the food and nutrition group (FNG) is to link residents of Coos County with healthy foods, particularly fruits and vegetables, and to improve access that encourages daily intake.

 WHEN:     These goals and objectives will span 2020-2023, or until the next Community Health Assessment (CHA) is conducted.

 WHY:        Adequate intake of fruits and vegetables is associated with decreased incidence and prevalence of chronic diseases like cancer, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, obesity and depression.

 HOW:       FNG will focus on improving the food environment in ways that will increase access to healthy foods (fresh fruits and vegetables) for children and adults.


pea podcasts
Pea podcasts is a community education initiative of the Coos County food and nutrition group, a coalition of community partners tasked with addressing food and nutrition deficits in our county. Our focus is to engage residents using written, audio and video platforms to present nutrition information focused on increasing intake of fruits and vegetables for the Prevention of Disease (POD).



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Food and Nutrition Group

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