RE: Bay Area Hospital

We want to thank the community again for the continued support of our request for homemade face masks! Yesterday we provided two updated patterns that we prefer to our original pattern provided, and those updated patterns can be found in our post from 3/24/2020, or on our website at: http://www.bayareahospital.org/covid-19.aspx.

Along with this ask for face masks, we will now also be accepting homemade isolation gowns. This is a larger pattern, and we have provided the pattern on our website as well (http://www.bayareahospital.org/covid-19.aspx) for community members to access.

The following are the supplies needed: 2.75-3.25 yards of 100% cotton (42 inches wide), 1 yard of grosgrain ribbon or twill tape cut into four 9" pieces for the ties, 4 pieces at 1"x12" of lightweight fusible interfacing, 6 pieces at 2" each of Velcro, and 2 at 3/4-1" buttons. The information posted on our website includes the full pattern, directions, instructions, and other information. We will do our best to answer questions and provide clarification as needed regarding the design.

Donations of these handmade gowns along with face masks can be brought to Bay Area Hospital's screening stations at the main entrance or the entrance to the Emergency Room between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Donations of the face masks and gowns are also being collected at the Coos Head Co-Op located at 353 S. 2nd Avenue in Coos Bay.