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About the Coos Head Food Co-op and Board of Directors

Coos Head Food Co-op is a member/owner-governed natural food store established in the early 1970's by a group of idealistic people who wanted a source of healthy foods. The store is a community resource that exists through member/owner support and involvement. The emphasis is on serving its member/owners and community in a mutually beneficial way and open to all. Membership income is pooled to benefit everyone.

Cooperation, social responsibility, and respect for others and the environment are reflected in our mission statement. We believe in safe and sustainable growing and manufacturing practices. We strive to offer local products when possible to promote the local economy and build a sustainable community.

There is no private owner; a board of directors represents the member/owners. The store is democratically governed "one member/owner one vote." Financial gain is returned to member/owners through expanding goods, services, and improvements to all patrons as well as a patronage dividend when the store is profitable.

Directors are elected for terms of three years, and are elected for up to three consecutive terms.

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Candidates for Coos Head Food Co-op's Board of Directors:

Ciera Milkewicz

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