2017 Trend Predictions

10 Trend Predictions for 2017

Pamela Bump
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As we enter 2017, a variety of health and environmental trends are gaining in popularity, promising social-media chatter--and further research. Check out this rundown of Taste for Life's hottest trend predictions.

Hit the Club and the Gym

As people have used Jazzercise or Zumba to workout with fun dance moves, 2017 could see the growth of more dance workouts with a "club" theme. Workout facilities all over Europe and the US are embracing "Clubbercise" courses, where users dance in club lighting and may even get to hold glow sticks. 

Like earlier dance workouts, Clubbercise attendees may also move to popular, chart-topping dance hits. As Clubbercise classes boom in Europe, many people across the United States began tweeting and posting about the topic on social media in late 2016.

Supplements Gain Steam

Supplements continue to see increasing amounts of scientific research and online discussion. In 2016, fish oil and omega 3s stole the scientific limelight for being supplements with positive health benefits for pregnant women and those with heart-related issues. We expect this health trend to continue in 2017.

Buddha Bowls

Last year Instagrammers loved snapping photos of their acai bowls. In 2017, a similar trend may package a variety of flavors in one small bowl. While acai bowls featured acai berries, "Buddha bowls" are a mix of roasted or raw vegetables, beans, and grains. This combination is filling, protein-packed, and helpful for weight loss.

Going Natural

Market research is showing that more consumers are attracted to buzzwords like "natural" and "non-GMO." We expect continued interest in these categories, along with healthy snacks such as those made from superfruits.

More Snacking, Less Traditional Meals

One recent study suggested that millennials now prefer snacking throughout the day, rather than sticking to three traditional meals. Participants who said they snacked regularly, or had four or more large snacks a day instead of full meals, noted that this was due to time constraints, rush of their workday, or because they didn't want to overeat if they weren't hungry.

Bye Bye Plastic

Towns and cities in states like Massachusetts, Connecticut, Colorado, Texas, and California have proposed or passed legislation banning or adding a fee for the use of plastic bags. Stores in these areas will often provide recyclable paper bags. In Massachusetts, The Cape Cod Times kicked off 2017 by reporting that Martha's Vineyard will be "mostly plastic bag free" due to bans. Learn how you can avoid plastic.

Natural Remedies and Mood Boosters

Studies in 2016 suggested optimism for those with mental health issues such as anxiety who used natural herbs like St. John's Wort to ease their symptoms.

During the previous election season, many states also legalized medicinal and recreational marijuana. Before these legalizations, CBD oil and hemp, which had similar properties, were already growing in popularity for their potential health benefits.


Turmeric was a popular web search and hashtag in 2016, and we predict its continued rise in 2017. This herb aids digestion and joint health. It is also a popular ingredient in recipes. Check out this turmeric recipe.

Healthy Substitutions 

While many social media videos and recipes have pointed to spaghetti squash as a low-carb alternative to real spaghetti, businesses around the country are embracing mocktails as an alternative to alcoholic beverages. 

The Wall Street Journal recently reported that many New York City bars have begun offering mocktail menus for customers who prefer healthy, fancy drinks, that contain no alcohol.


You may have heard of this as an anti-aging natural property for the skin, but it is also helpful for immunity and digestion when found in bone broth and other hearty dishes. 

Click here to learn about collagen, or check out this delicious protein smoothie featuring bone broth.

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