About Coos Head Food Co-op

Everyone's Welcome at Our Co-op in Coos Bay


As the oldest operating natural food store on the Southern Oregon Coast, Coos Head Food Co-Op is committed to encouraging and educating our community by actively contributing to the health and well being of all inhabitants by serving as a source for wholesome, natural, and organic foods!

Your local Coos Head Food Co-Op, where locals have mattered since 1971!

Owned By The Community We Serve

Coos Head Food Co-op welcomes everyone and membership has never been required to shop with us. Since fall of 2010 however, we became a bonafide Oregon co-operative making us part of a growing, international movement of food co-ops. This means that now you can become an owner along with your friends and join a groundswell of folks that support quality food and food sources. We are excited about our business model, a win/win proposition that empowers owners and communities alike. In fact, we have close to 1,000 members...and growing!

Stay Connected

Come shop with us! We are located in historic downtown Coos Bay at 353 2nd Street, one block west of Highway 101 near Curtis St. Follow us on Facebook. And check back often as we continue to develop our website with features that will provide information and inspiration about how we are building community through food.




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