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Become a Coos Head Food Co-op Member-Owner!

As a member, you are an Owner. You are participating in your own health and the health of your coastal community through your patronage. Your investment in Coos Head Food  Co-op contributes to the capital needed for the operation and improvement of your community grocery store. Your share helps grow a better community Co-op. The cost of an owner investment share for a household is $150.  One share is permitted per person or 2 adult households.  One share equals one vote in elections. You can pay in full, or start with $25 and pay $5 per month until fully invested. Either Way, Ownership Starts Immediately.

In order to access our Co-op Owner Application and Coos Head Co-op Bylaws please click the buttons below: 

Member-Owner Benefits

- As an Owner, you have a say in your co-op! Participate by voting for the board of directors, serving as a board member or helping as a member of a board committee.    

- Annual patronage dividends. When the co-op is profitable, a portion of the net income may be returned to owners based on their annual purchases. The more you shop the more you earn!

- Receive the monthly newsletter by email.

- Every other month--Member/Owner Appreciation Month and coupon specials.

- 10% case or special order discount.

- Select member pricing.

- Member points program, 10th free.


Coos Head Food Co-op is a member-owned and member-controlled consumer cooperative. Cooperatives strive to observe the ethical values of honesty, openness, social responsibility, and caring for others.


As a cooperative business, we adhere to these seven principles:

- Voluntary & open membership

- Democratic member control

- Member economic participation

- Autonomy and independence

- Education, Training and Information

- Cooperation among Cooperatives

- Concern for Community


Coos Head Food Store started in 1971 with the goal of supplying healthy food and products to our community. The store operated as a member-owned not-for-profit until 2010 when we re-incorporated as a true cooperative, Coos Head Food Co-op.

Join your co-op, contribute to the local economy and change the way business is conducted.


Our Purpose and Mission

As the oldest operating natural food store on the southern Oregon coast, Coos Head Food Co-op serves our community by providing and promoting awareness of natural healthy foods and products, emphasizing organically grown, locally produced, and ecologically sound goods. Our workplace fosters opportunities for participation, empowerment, and growth in a respectful environment. Service to our owners and the community is our highest priority. Coos Head Food Co-Op is committed to encouraging and educating locals by actively contributing to the health and well-being of the community.