Curbside Pickup Available

Curbside Pickup Available

If you feel you are in a high-risk group including seniors and those with compromised immune systems, we are glad to help do your shopping. We offer special hours and curbside pickup most days of the week.

Special Hours for High-Risk & Senior Citizen Shopping

  • 8am - 9am Tuesdays
  • 8am - 9am Thursdays

Curbside Pickup

  • Prepare your shopping list:
    • Limit to 15 items or less
    • Identify Substitutes
  • Place orders:
  • Pick Up Order the following day from 2pm - 4pm
  • Pay for Order on phone or at pickup time


What to Expect

  • We will call to confirm your order if you email.
  • We will get credit card information from you.
  • Have a space cleared so that staff can quickly and safely deliver your groceries.
  • Ensure 6-foot distance from you or anyone in your vehicle.
  • We do not accept any returns from curbside purchases.
  • All sales are final.