Nutrition Information

Food as Medicine (Infographic)

Allie Rustin, Ally Miller, Andy Han and Whitney Martin, OHSU Campus for Rural Health students help us think about small dietary changes to improve our health with plant based food as medicine.  Worth a look to see how small changes can make difference!


Health Benefit of Figs (Youtube)

Learn how figs could be a healthy addition to your diet. Video created by Ayda Ayob, OSU Extension Dietetic Intern. More content on plant-based nutrition and healthy recipes available on the Healthy Bytes Initiative section on our Food and Nutrition Group website. 


Snacks for the Sofa (Infographic)
Kevin Paternostrro, OHSU Campus for Rural Health student, shares great game day snacks.  Bean Dip, sliders and wings - these recipes are for you!



Eating Nutritiously when Dining Out By Brittany Whiteman MPH, Dietetic Intern, Oakwood University (Article)




Eating Nutritiously when Dining Out  By Brittany Whiteman MPH, Dietetic Intern, Oakwood University (Infographic)




First Steps to Health Restoration (Infographic)
The American College of Lifestyle Medicine infographic about what you can do to improve your health - from diet, to activity to relaxation and self-care.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               


Fresh and Healthy Eats - An Image based Food Guide (Brochure)
Jasmine Curry and Aaron Thomas, OHSU Campus for Rural Health students, created a colorful food guide with healthy recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. 



Plant-Based Meal Planner (Workbook)
OSU dietetic intern Jessica Warrick designed this 4-week guide to adopting a more plant-centered diet, complete with meal planner and recipes.



Shrink the Sugary Drink (Video, 5:02 minutes)
Zane Carey, Brandon Colwell, Mikayla Murphy, and Joan Richardson, OHSU Campus for Rural Health students, make it fun to reduce sugar and calories, while staying hydrated.



The Benefits of Plant-Based Nutrition Chapter Summary
While medical professional associations, government bodies, and stakeholder groups across the U.S. and Canada have their own emphasis and focus when it comes to lifestyle and dietary guidance, a common theme does emerge: Eating more unrefined, plant-based foods is an important strategy in prevention of chronic disease, management of chronic conditions, and promotion of overall health.


The Nuts and Bolts of the DASH Diet (Podcast, 8:00 minutes)
Join Nakai Carrol, Leah Snyder, Georgia Varretas, and Olivia Glatt, OHSU Campus for Rural Health students, as they discuss the DASH diet and how it supports heart health.  They give lots of great information about sodium, fats, label reading, and recipe tips!


Reach for the Rainbow: Benefits of a Plant-Based Diet (Infographic)

Elona Delabough-Gomley, RN, a student in our OHSU Campus for Rural Health, shares valuable information about how a plant based diet can help your health with a rainbow of plants. (Infographic - Reach for a Rainbow) 


Why Choose a Plant-Based Diet? (Infographic)

Emily Howlett, Max Davis, and Ryan Himes, students in our OHSU Campus for Rural Health, provide useful information about several vegetables and information about the importance of a plant based diet in reducing risks for chronic disease. (Infographic - Plant Based Diet) 


Foods That Help Your Mood

T. Norris, MD Student, OHSU Campus for Rural Health:  Foods That Help Your Mood (Infographic).  This infographic describes foods that positively affect your emotions, sleep and concentration.  Great information to support your mental health and healthy diet goals!